Hi! I am Ed

I am a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and I operate in a busy clinic alongside physiotherapists in Fremantle.

Originally from France (don't get me started on cheese) I have been calling Perth home for a few years now. I originally trained as a landscaper and after multiple shoulder dislocations, I got really interested in body mechanics, pain and rehabilitation.

I believe massage can benefit us in many ways: dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, restricted movements, fatigue.... along with the general tightness and soreness.

When I am not working at The Pain Thieves, I teach massage at TAFE. I love spending time outdoors, exercising or gardening.

My approach to massage is to go slow and deep, leaving your muscles time to adjust to the pressure and let go of any tension.

Book a session and discover how good you can feel.

Embrace the pressure